2013 Elantra: Tire pressure light on but all tires @ 31-32PSI

Hey group,
I'm having a wonky issue with my tire pressure light staying on even
after I checked all 4 tires. They are at about 31-32 PSI cold so that
should be enough to turn off the light. Does this mean the little
battery inside the sensor is dead and now I have to get that changed?
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What pressure should they be? Sometimes in the cold they drop overnight. Have you had lower than normal temperatures?
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Ed Pawlowski
The sticker on the driver's door frame says 32PSI all the way around. I inflated them to ~32 cold. Oddly, the light just went off just today. I'm here in Chicago and it's been in the 20-30s the past few weeks but we're about to be hit with single digit and sub-zero temps. Nothing out of the ordinary since I've had this car.
Is it true the TPMS's have a CR2032 battery in them all? Maybe getting low on battery if that's true. I was also told that driving for 55+ MPH for 10+ minutes will possibly reset the TPMS if it's acting wonky or "low pressure light is stuck on" even if the tires are inflated properly. Some other forums mentioned some secret reset button under the steering wheel but I didn't find one.
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