Re: Low Tire Pressure Warning

Nissan says in the car handbook that tire pressures should be set to 32 psi.
40 psi is a bit high and will give you a rough ride and not too good
handling in wet weather.
I have a brand new (bought in January) 2007 Versa. When I got it the tire pressure on all 4 was set at 40 PSI. I have left it at that value since the dealer/factory set it.
Last Friday I took a short road trip, less than a hundred miles. About 2/3 of the way there the Low Tire Pressure light came on. I immediately pulled over and checked the tires. None seemed to be low, so I got out the pressure gauge and checked them. I found that the 2 front tires were up around 44 or 45 PSI. The rear tires were still around 40. I reduced the pressure on the front tires to 40 and started on down the road. The light went out and has stayed out ever since.
I have made that trip twice before since I got the car but this is the first time when the temperature has been in the 70s. The last 2 times it was much colder.
Does any body know what could have caused that? Does the system check more for a difference in pressure, rather than an actual pressure?
Thanks for any help
Bill Gill
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