Brake lights out on 2004 Santa Fe

2004 Santa Fe 2.7l fwd
Brake lights went out on my Santa Fe but the 3rd brake light appears to work fine. I've checked all the fuses and bulbs and they're ok. No measurable voltage going to the brake light socket. I have no problem bringing it to the dealer but want to make sure I haven't missed anything obvious.
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That was my first thought, but the third brake light works. Anything different about that?
I've seen strange thing happen with bad bulbs that looked good though. Some lights worked, others did not until an unrelated bulb was replaced.
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Ed Pawlowski
There are usually two switches on the pedal, possibly due to Federal regs. The 3rd light works independent of the other two.
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Paul in Houston TX
If you're in the U.S., all three lamps work off the same switch contact. Unplug the lamps and check for voltage in the brake lamp wires at the lamp connectors.
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