Major Rush Hour BOOM!

Driving downtown after shooting a driving scene in my 2002 Sante Fe for "Spiderman 3" being shot here in Cleeland. I turned up the main drag to
the freeways called Ontario passing Public Square, the old Higbee's bldg, then past The "Q" aka Quicken Loans Arena formerly Gund Arena home of the Cavs & right at the Exec Offices of the Cleveland Indians I heard a jerk in a white Chevy headed out the wrong way on a one way entrance street that he is exiting & turning wrong way also, as he flies across 6 lanes of folks hitting the brakes with him & he rushes into my lane & BASH into my rear of my 2002 Sante Fe. Just the noise of him hitting me & his parts flying all over the car & a white vans with windows takes out my left side since I was a touch in his lane. But he kept flying by.
Turns out the guy is under 21, no insurance & no registation. My insurance thinks he either stole the car or it is his mom or dad's. So they are checking him out from the license info I got them, & as a former officer I was on the phone to dispatch for officer to show to tow the car of uninsuranced motorist & take his license & he meets with the State of this.
So I wait for the word if I pay $250 deductible to repair my car, which has a split rear bumper, doors works fine, scrapes on left side & left front fender nicked but all together not too bad for a guy with speedometer stuck at 63! The seat belt locked me flush up against my headrest & seat back. I felt no pain the next day either!
So fix the car, it will be like new again, got a great tech at Tire Kingdom who does Sante Fe's exclusively as he went to classes for it. He has me now getting 20-22 City & 28-30 Hwy. I am very happy with his owrk & save plenty to keep me riding very well. He even gave me a new tire for the left one that had the bad fender bent into it that the cop bent out with a tire iron & a towel & the fender just popped right out! Still has a 8" crease along the top left. But that will be a new fender.
Insurance Agent came over 16 minutes sooner than appointment, so he got major points from me for being early. Did his job writing up everything, even told me that he wrote for the muffler to be checked since the exhause pipe is aimed down not out. Sure a new muffler? I'll take it. After this I am in no rush to trade away a great piece of machinery................
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