Re: their engines and transmissions

Hi, Seamus.
What Bob has requested is that you follow net etiquette ("netiquette") to make it easier for people to understand the
thread. He's asked you to post your addition to a previous post at the bottom instead of at the top. Personal emailing is casual, and people (including myself) often top-reply. In that case, the other party already knows what he sent -- he's got the context in his head, and you're just firing off a quick answer -- and a grunt can do fine between two friends.
In this case, you're in a public forum, so other people can zero in better if they can follow what you're quoting from top-down. The other thing to consider is that the newsgroup service that some people use, usually provided by their ISP, may toss an earlier post. So, carrying relevant parts of a thread above your addition will give everyone a shot at the context. This is especially true if you're replying after a few days have passed. On the other hand, large quotes get unwieldy when the thread becomes long, and it's a good idea to clip out a lot of what's come before in such a case.
In this post, I've eliminated everything from the previous thread because I'm following up on an aside. It's the poster's call as to how to write. However, the guiding beacon should always be to put oneself in the _reader's_ shoes and write clearly so that the other person doesn't have to work hard to understand you.
Regarding HTH's request that you provide more "meat" in your question, I can't agree. I think that he wanted to a bit more context, since there's some intersting history that he can provide regarding Hyundai's engines. This may be similar to an explanation of how Yamaha got from making pianos to making motorcycles and stereo equipment, and OE CD drive components. Korean corporate histories are probably full of interesting information like this, and probably family intrigue and infighting as well: corporate soap operas. I feel that your question was clear, and an appropriate answer, I think, would have been the first one that you got.
I hope that I've been clear, and I also hope that I've gotten the names of your responders correct -- I have a real hard time keeping people's "handles" and names straight. In fact, it's become too difficult for me, and I just wing it. At this point, I'd prefer that everyone just use the names that their parents gave them, and stop with the handles altogether.
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