CVS transmissions

Competing new car salesman claim CVS transmissions are the greatest things since sliced bread and disasters waiting to eat your wallet. Opinions?
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Brian Gordon
My opinion: I don't like them. I rent a car every two weeks for work travel. Some have CVS transmissions. They tend to hunt for a good ratio vs. power needs. I often have to floor the pedal and keep them in the equivalent of 1st or 2nd gear when going up hills, passing, etc. RPM maxed much of the time leading to engine and trans running hot. Unlikely the engine and trans would last _me_ more than a year or two. I would never own a car with CVS.
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Paul in Houston TX
Ask in a decade and we'll know by then.
My suspicion is that they are both, but then I don't see anything necessarily wrong with an ordinary manual transmission. --scott
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Scott Dorsey
The CVT is okay for small cars, generally they can't handle a lot of torque. A 9-speed auto would be better for RWD cars.
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