Sante Fe check engine light

I have a 2005 Hyundai Sante Fe with the check engine light, TCS light and the
ABS light all on. The check engine codes are 501, 700, and 701. Symptoms are:
When I am driving the engine will rev and make the car lurch a little. When I
stop at it will occasionally stall, when it does stall I have to let it crank
for a bit before it starts back up. Once it starts the engine will usually rev
up to about 3,000. Sometimes it wont stall while sitting still, but when I step
on the gas it starts to go but feels like it is "bogged" down and usually stalls
after going a few feet. Any help will be appreciated, I am broke and can't spend
a ton of money chasing sensors and such. Thanks.
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If it were mine, I would check for a vac leak and test the TPS. Might want to post this on: There are some pretty knowledge people there.
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Paul in Houston TX

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