95 Isuzu Rodeo with Security System and Door lock problems

My girlfriend's family has a 1995 isuzu rodeo with the factory security system. Recently, the battery died, they charged it back up,
but it died again. The battery was only 6 mths old, so they brought it back to the garage and got a new one. Before the battery died, the security system worked fine, now it doesn't. There is a little LED above the security switch next to the steering wheel, and that used to turn on, it doesn't do anything anymore. None of the buttons on the remote do anything either. We have checked all the fuses in both fuse boxes, and I even found a fuse holder hanging down on the driver's side near the kick panel. That was fine too. Any idea's what could be causing this? Im not sure if it is related to the below problem, but if it is, i dont know why the LED won't light up.
The other problem is that the driver's side door won't lock. you can't turn the key, and if you push the lock button down near the window, it just stays there. I took the door panel off to see if something was awry, but all i could see was that the lever that the keyhole and lock button is connected to wasn't turning. I noticed that the powerlock moter was also connected to this, and it seems stuck (the remote won't lock the doors), and i figured maybe it siezed up and that is why the button or keyhole won't work. Could this be related to the security system problem?
Please help!, you can email me at snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com, just put isuzu in the subject.
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