Procedure and Thoughts, APC Intake 2000 Trooper LS:

Hey All,
Just wanted you all to know that I put a 25.00 APC Intimidator Intake Cone onto my 00 Trooper LS. Saved about 75.00 by not buying that
Calminni one, installation is very straight forward. It didn't work "right out of the box," but after some cutting, filling and sanding it finally slid on. Very nice improvement over the stock intake box, and it sounds a lot deeper. Tomorrow or Monday I am going to get custom dual exhaust with a flow master muffler put on. I will be sure to post pictures of my upgraded Trooper.
Total Installation Time: 1hr
1. Disconnect intake hose.
Some tips on disconnecting the hose:
This is very easy, before you begin remember this is mechanical, everything does come apart and with patience it came be put back together. Locate the fastener that connects the hose to the intake box, there is a screw along it somewhere, unscrew it until loose. Then pull the hose out of the box. Take the "rubber washer mechanism" and remove it from the hose, remember to grab it by the rim and just pull it off.
2. Prepare intake cone.
Some tips on preparing the Intake Cone on:
Remove the metal fastener completely, unscrew it until one end falls out, then put aside. Take an exacto knife and skim the edge of the cone down, slightly cutting into it. Do this till you shave about three of four mm off the rim. Then file down with a mild grade filer until all the loose pieces are protruding from the plastic. Then take the sand paper and smooth it down to taste. Finally, apply some WD40 to your hand rub it around the rim and on the metal intake valve.
3. Remove intake box.
Some tips on taking the intake box out.
There are three screws that hold this ugly ass box into place. One that works as a support for hoses and two that fasten the box down. In my situation I could only access the one to the top right (looking straight on the engine), I could not reach the other to. I took a box saw and cut some give points in the box, then I forced the box back and forth eventually it broke off and I was able to remove the other two screws.
4. Connect Intake Cone to Intake Hose.
Some tips on putting the Intake Cone on:
Push it all the way through on the bottom, taking the intake cone in either hand and between the rim of the intake cone and the intake hose place a flathead screwdriver and pry the intake cone rubber onto the intake hose. Then take your intake cone by the back and the intake hose and even it out. Finally, place the metal rim around the intake cone, sliding the metal through the loop and fasten.
5. Enjoy, your done, have fun! You just spent 25.00 and got the same performance as the Camillia Intake that cost 99 plus shipping, don't you feel like a mechanic now? ;)
Acceleration is greatly improved, sounds deeper, transmission shifts aren't "stuck", they are much smoother. All in all for 25.00 you just got a excellent upgrade and one that will last you for the rest of your life. You engine runs cooler and all is well in camelot.
If you have any questions about this please e-mail me and I'll help you out.
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