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George, I have a 98, and after having an 86, which was easy, since it had rain gutters (which the 98 doesn't), I decided to use Yakima's 72" Top Tracks, which I installed as per the directions, and used Thule's 430 Feet with the TK1 adapters. My rack is now rock solid, and if I wanted to mount a luggage rack on top, I could do it also. I saved a couple of inches in height using this method, which is important to me to allow my wife to park in parking garages in Seattle.
I paid $120 for the Top Tracks, and about $60 for the 430 Tracker Feet and the TK1 adapters on Ebay, and used the Thule bars I had from the old rack. Works great, should last the life of the truck. r/ Steve
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