TOD question for a trooper 2002

My lights are blinking again . I looked at the senors and they look to be connected . Are the the senors under a shield held by 2 bolts??
Here is my question, I really don't care all that much for the TOD system. I care more for the 4wd low . I only use 4wd when I drive on the beach so the AWD TOD system I can live without.
Is the 4 low set up seperate from the TOD , in other words can I use it without using the TOD system. I just noticed that when I put it in 4low the wheels on the dash arer all blinking. Am I in 4wd when this happens?? This takes place when I have it not in the auto phase.In the past when I drove on the beach I was always in the auto mode . I just to make sure that I am in 4wd before I get on the beach,so any help would be great.
Another question , what is causing all the problems with the TOD system?? I checked the connections and the hoses and they all seemed OK. I really don't want to put a lot of money into this if i don't have to !!
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