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eunos roadster fires then turns over but not run , have changed pump and inline
eunos roadster fires but wont start, have changed pump and inline filter. made no difference to the problem . changed three high tension leads/ one stuck to spark plug, also changed three spark plugs....
5 years ago 1
crankshaft nut on 2001 miata
Use a system tool to lock the pulley in place and unscrew the bolt. Might take some force. An impact-wrench might come in handy... Jeroen Feelders Technical Commissioner Mazda MX-5 Club of the Netherl...
5 years ago 1
2015 Mazda6 Gas Mileage
is rated at 26 city and 38 highway. I am getting much less. In town my average is about 22 mpg and perhaps mid-30s on the highway. I would be interested in hearing others' mileage numbers. Thanks, - R...
5 years ago
The early ND reviews are in and it is good
Here is a Road & Track quote: "Is it the best Miata ever? Clearly?but that's like calling What's Going On "a really great Marvin Gaye record." It's more than a great Miata. It's a wake-up call to the ...
5 years ago
2000 Miata Convertible Latches Revisited
Yesterday I found this very informative youtube video on how to so easily a djust these latches. And it was a snap. I had been hearing too much wind noise. So will not know how well I did until the ne...
5 years ago 1
do all 92 miatas have power antennas
my antenna I assumed is not broken. I don't know if it is a power antenna. How do I find out. I have a 1992 miata
5 years ago
Location for retractable headlight motor on Miata
Where is location of motor for retractable headlights on Miata There are two: right behind the headlight in the engine bay. They have removable dustcaps that cover a manual retractorwheel. Jeroen Feel...
5 years ago 1
mazda miata 1991 production figures for special edition BRG
According to 3997 See Jeroen Feelders Technical Commissioner Mazda MX-5 Club of the Netherlands 34stude schreef op 17-11-14 om 03:18: > Just how many of these BRG special editions were produced??? 199...
5 years ago 1
2000 Miata--1500 actual miles--approx. value
miles, always garaged. I don't know how to determine premium for ridiculously low mileage. Thanks. Don I'm not an expert... IMHO the general apearance, presentation, fit and finish is more likely to q...
5 years ago 4
95 automatic mazda miata HOLD light?
car off then back on it went away but now it just stays on. It seems to drive fine though. Supposedly the transmission has already been replaced. Anybody have any idea at what I am looking at? Short T...
5 years ago 1
2004 Mazda Miata need tire advice
Looking for a smoother ride for my miata. I have capital 205/45 r16 tires on them now. They ride awful.. said: I'm no expert... * I believe the superlight had 205/45 r17 tires. So if you are on 16 inc...
5 years ago 1
i have a 1991 miata that at times will not go into gear unless engine is off. I
I just stated motor with car in first and ran it for awhile, and it shifted fine in all gears. I turned off engine, and cranked car again, and it shifts fine. no idea what is going on. scared to drive...
5 years ago 1
clutch pedal engagement point? is it near the top or bottom of the pedal stroke?
the blue, it will not go into 1st. gear without turning off the engine. It will also not go into reverse unless i stop the engine. Most of the time it shifts just fine. The transmission engages with t...
5 years ago 2
2010 Mazda Miata MX5 Grand Touring 2D Convertible, Low Miles, Loaded - $15000 (miami)
2010 Mazda Miata MX5 Grand Touring -- JUST REDUCED $15000.00 - Brilliant Black, 2D Soft Top Convertible, 6 Speed Manual Transmission - Low Miles, 43000 highway miles - No Mechanical, Operational or Co...
5 years ago
Mazda creates a contender!
For a couple of years now, Audi and Toyota have duked it out over who could design the ugliest front end ever put on an automobile but now Mazda has joined the fray with the Mazda 6! Certainly a conte...
5 years ago