1991 300D 2.5T Auto Transmission Problem

Hi Tiger, T.G. and all,
I was driving the car on the expressway, went off an exit, and came to a
full stop at the end. I then waited for traffic to clear and then I
accelerated. As always, the car started in first gear. But, this time it
stayed in first gear only. I pulled to the side of the road and checked
everything. Fluid level, linkages, and vacumn lines were all okay.
To make a long story short, I did get back home, but only in first gear,
driving on the shoulder on the road.
I got this car when it had 93K miles on it, and now it currently has 102K. I
did change all the fluids in it, including auto transmission fluid & filter
when I first got it. Up to this point, the transmission was shifting
According to Stu Ritter's E-Class Owner's Bible, it looks like what is wrong
is a broken gear drive for the centrifugal governor in the transmission.
Is this located at the rear of the transmission? Can I can repair & replace
this with the transmission still in the car or do I have to take the
transmission out? Has anybody had a similar experience?
Thanks in advance!
1980 300SD
1987 190D 2.5T
1987 190D 2.5T (yes, I have 2 of them)
1991 190E 2.6 5-speed
1991 300D 2.5T
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I had the same problem with my 91 300D. It was the gear on the governor. Yes, it can be done in the car, but I believe I had to remove the transmission mount and move the transmission as far to the right side of the car as possible and down. Remove the large ring that holds the cover on, remove the cover, and the governor will be visible. Try to turn the governor by hand. If it turns then the gear is probably broken. Behind the governor weights there is a snap ring that must be released. The governor will then pull out. On my car, the gear was broken in half and only one half came out with the governor. To this day, I have not found the other half. I guess it is still in the trans somewhere. The only place I could find the new gear was from the dealer. It had to be ordered but only took a day or two. Now sit down, the gear was $2 plus tax. The hardest part was replacing the governor because of the snap ring behind the governor weights. I would go ahead and remove the pan and make sure there is nothing loose in there. This is the perfect time to service the transmission since the pan is off anyway.
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