a word of warning about www.euromerc.co.uk

You may all be wondering why you are getting posts into your group about Nicholas Johns a mercedes parts dealer of
Nick is from England and has an interesting hobby and that is trolling and stalking people on the web and usenet. He habitually cross posts lies and stalks and posts information about people. His main targets are Jews, Americans, the
disabled and women
You may like to think twice about buying from him as you don't know what he might do with any info you give him. You could
find details posted about you or your family.
Also this is his opinion of you as customers as posted in the Usenet group ‘uk.people.consumers.ebay’ on Mon, 6 Feb 2006
23:02:53 -0000 under his Phat Boy Slim nym.
“Bugger the happy buying experience thing, just make as money as you can with the least amount of effort... The world is full
of customers.” If you do not believe what is being said then just look through google and search groups for posts made under his nyms –
"phat boy slim" snipped-for-privacy@allstar.ps
"maximilian smith" snipped-for-privacy@allstar.cn
there are others but these should be enough to give you a taste of what this character is like. Don't just take our word for
it - do a search yourself and read what he is like and what he has to say and then consider if you feel safe doing business
with him. Do some research before considering any dealings with him. Be informed and be safe - you will find all the evidence
you need in google. You owe it to your family.
He normally posts in ‘alt.nuke.the.usa’ and ‘az.general’
His address is 84 Townfield Road Flitwick England
His website is www.euromerc.co.uk
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