Drive train swap 300 SD

Hopefully tomorrow I will be removing the engine and transmission from a parts car to my daily driver. I would like to know if this is as
straitforward as it seems or if there is something I ought to know before I start.
If possable I will be pulling the engine and transmission in one unit and replacing it still connected (My friend has a forklift.)
The parts car is an 81 300SD and the recipient is my 83 300SD.
Any pointers?
Roger Shoaf

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some bits:
1) It's not really a matter of "if possible", you take out engine/tranny pretty much ONLY.
2) unless your forklift has much longer forks than mine (and it might) you'll find the forks a little short-ish. I prefer a cherrypicker, but you may do fine.
3) the engine/tranny comes out at a *steep* angle -- be sure the car is well above the floor, like maxing out your floorjack (18"min).
3a) you don't hafta remove the hood, you know. It has a 'servicing' setting that opens it up near vertical. You probably know this, but just in case....
4) The engine systems disconnect is not so bad. Leave your PS pump if you'd like. Count on cracking the AC. The propshaft disconnect is a pain. That's notta Dana U-joint back there (though it OUGHTA be), it's its own little world. You got several bits to undo.
5) the tranny has a spud about an inch long that sticks into the "propellor shaft". So when you drop the first 3 bolts and find it hasn't moved and then drop the next 3 bolts and find it STILL hasn't moved, you'll know why.
6) SD to SD is good -- retains the electro-speedo and simplifies things.
7) make sure you got the manuals or refs and torque things *exactly* as those Germans specify. No more, no less.
8) Hoist point is near the firewall and never really gets much forward of that as long as the tranny is attached. Make a chain bridle to hookup on all three points (2 aft, 1 fwd) and you'll be better off.
9) Take care! those little engine mount shocks bend real easy. Your initial lift needs to be very slow and measured.
and finally
10) take care!! That assembly outweight any V8 you've ever messed with -- ok, I don't know the numbers, but it sure does SEEM like it. It ain' no Toyota engine -- THAT's for sure.
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