Need some advice 420 SEL 1987

Hello all,
I have a 1987 420 SEL that I need to get rid of. I am a bad new fist kind of guy so here it goes...The engine was rebuilt due to my timing
chain giving up on me(that is a positive since it has about 20k on the engine). The car needs new brakes, the a/c is kaput, and the sunroof will only pop up, but not slide back. The paint has lost or is losing its clear coat. Oh and I cannot start it because my new battery dies because I could not find the key for 8 months. Obvisouly this car is an after thought.
The good news is the tranny is fine, the engine is rebuilt, most every electronic component works. The seats and interior are in good shape. Good alpine stereo, that is worth a good steak dinner for two I would guess.
I Live in Atlanta and I need to get rid of this thing. I really dont want a lot of money for it. I know it is in that no-mans land of put a grand into it and have it up and running, then add a paint job. Or part it out and make a good bit of cash. I don't really want to do either, not can I. I have too many toys and my wife is killing me. Plus I have my eyes on a 300D. Does anyone know of a place that will buy a car like this to part it out? Or should I just try to sell it on Craigslist or the like and try to find someone who wants to buy a cheap car and fix it up. Any ideas would be helpful. i.e. what would a parts car such as this sell for? I am not greedy and I just want it out of site.
Again, any input would be great. I really want that 300D.
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