PICS: The Carlsson CS50 Versailles Is Gold Leaf-Covered Extravegance

If you have the money, then this is the ride for you... It is truly GOLD.
The Mercedes S-Class is a stunning automobile. It manages to be opulent without being ostentatious, and is immensely capable of anything you'd want it to do, including hot stone massages. What it doesn't do is scream "I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU!"; the S-Class thinks it to be more becoming to whisper that. The Carlsson CS50 Versailles, on the other hand, does indeed scream it.
Over 300 man-hours have gone into affixing gold leaf to the exterior and interior of the CS50, as well as some custom leather. Carlsson says the target market for the 25 CS50s is ?China?s ultra-wealthy ?Taipan? clients; the new ?royalty? of the Middle Kingdom." Each car will sell for $545,000, plus China's exorbitant import taxes and fees. View the attachments for this post at:
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