maintainance of a mini cooper

Kinda curious what people's experience are with maintance for your mini
(cooper or cooper S). How much do you pay for yearly maintance for the
car ?
I know the first 3 years of a new mini, the dealer takes care of you
for the most part, but as the years progress, the car is most likely
going to give you some problems and maintainance from the dealer may
not be available anymore.
This is assuming you take care of you car and you dont run the living
daylights out of the car..
In either case, I'm looking into getting a used mini cooper (or S) but
I want to see what are the typical problems people have with the car
and how much you usually spend on the car to maintain it. Specically, a
car dating from 2002 to 2005.
Any insight would be great everyone...
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I have a 2004 Mini Cooper that I bought used just over a year ago. Shortly after I bought the car, there were a couple of things that I realized were not right. One was that the electronic key did not work on the driver's side door, which I could not unlock remotely. The other was that one of the speakers in the passenger side door did not work. The Mini dealer fixed these without charge, and I have had no further problems.
In addition, I mentioned to the dealer at the same time that the steering seemed heavier than I would have expected. The dealer replaced the power steering pump, again without charge. However, the steering still seemed unduly heavy to me, and that remains a problem. I mentioned it again to the dealer at the most recent maintenance, but was told that they could find nothing wrong. I have seen comments to the effect that some people think BMWs typically have power steering that requires more effort than other cars, and that may be the explanation here.
Otherwise, I have had no problems with the car.
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Kenneth S.
In article ,
Take a look at
formatting link
where they are currently doing an item on used MINIs and what to look for and avoid. The article is called "MotoringFile MINI R50/R53 US Buyers Guide"
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