Rock Chips

I've had my 2007 Cooper S for less than three months and already have
three good-sized rock chips in the windshield. Does anyone else have
this problem? Or am I just extremely unfortunate? I had the first
one repaired, the other two happened over the last week.
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Eric in TN
The little guys sure get beat up by the rocks and stuff. Probably a function of where you live, and the road conditions, etc. Good info here, search for windshields.
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Eric in TN wrote in news:1192969796.845391.252160
MINI windshields suck.
I went through 4 OEM windshields in 3 years in my Cooper before finally going with PPG glass instead. They just kept cracking, and I don't drive my car hard. It's been a year and a half with the PPG with no problems.
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