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PIC: Special MINI vehicle auctioned off at MINI Design at the Festival of Speed 2018
> A very special MINI auction at MINI Design at the Festival of Speed 2018 > > Wow - what a great looking MINI. Wonder who the lucky high bidder will be > > > At this year?s edition of the Festival of...
2 years ago
Best oil to use in a 2009 Mini Cooper Diesel
Hi, I have found that the older my car has gotten the more I oil I have to put in it. I was wondering what oil people found the best to use as I need this car for another few years before I trade it...
4 years ago
Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid out for a snowy stroll
Really anxious to see what this plug-in has to offer. The Mini has come a long way from a little laugh to one of the hottest little cars on the road. FROM: AB When Mini launched the Countryman in...
6 years ago
Classic Mini Cooper LEGO Set Coming In August
This is the $100 LEGO Mini Cooper set coming out this August. It will have 1,077 pieces (including a picnic basket and baguette) and is suggested for expert builders only. View the attachments for...
6 years ago
2009 mini cooper headlight came loose in the assembly. How do I open the assemb
2009 mini cooper headlight came loose in the assembly. How do I open the assembly? I have removed the clips but it seems to be glue sealed..
6 years ago
Mini Clubman Concept
Coming in just over 10 inches longer and 6.5 inches wider than the 2013 Mini Clubman, the new Mini Clubman Concept that you see above is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. From AB MINI...
7 years ago
See ya mini.
Got rid of the 2009 S with 55k miles after spending $2400 in a month replacing a valve cover, getting the valves cleaned (no charge because it was the second time within 8 months), repairing a coolant...
7 years ago
Mini shows how to camp in style
From AB The Getaway Cars: MINI unveils three new overnight solutions for the weekend warrior. 19.07.2013 The trio each reflect different aspects of the rise in popularity of camping and festivals,...
7 years ago
Mini puts Goodwood edition on display at Harrods
From AB MINI Inspired BY GOODWOOD LIMITED EDITION AT WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS STORE The MINI Inspired by Goodwood is the most ambitious and luxurious special edition model the brand has ever launched. To...
8 years ago
Happy 10 year anniversary, Mini
From AB MINI USA CELEBRATES 10 YEARS OF SUCCESS March 22, 2012 Marks the Brand's 10th Anniversary Milestone in the U.S. Market San Francisco ? March 21, 2012... Since its 2002 introduction, MINI USA...
8 years ago
PICS: Here comes the NEW Mini Coupe
From MINI MINI Coupé: world premiere for a more focused go-kart feeling. Two years ago a concept car previewing a two-seater Coupé from the MINI brand turned heads aplenty at the Frankfurt Motor...
9 years ago
New Mini HIGHGATE coming later this year
From AB Each passing day brings the possibility of additional Mini special editions. Today, there are reports that the next one is already waiting in the wings, set for release in the not-too-distant...
9 years ago
PICS: Here come the 2011 Mini Cooper Lineup
From AB ***** The current (second generation) of the modern Mini has been with us for a couple of years now, so that must mean it's time for a refresh. BMW, which owns the reborn British brand, has...
10 years ago
Everyones take on the Mini versus Porsche Hype
Anybody have any opinions on the whole hype surrounds in the Mini versus Porsche thing coming up? > Anybody have any opinions on the whole hype surrounds in the Mini versus Porsche thing coming up?...
10 years ago 1
PIC: Ontario Provincial Police pull over MINI Charity Convoy
AB posted a story about the Canadian Ontario Provincial Police pulling over a Convoy from the Southern Ontario Mini Club ** Every year, the Southern Ontario Mini Club organizes two charity drives ?...
10 years ago