PICS: Here come the 2011 Mini Cooper Lineup

From AB
The current (second generation) of the modern Mini has been with us
for a couple of years now, so that must mean it's time for a refresh.
BMW, which owns the reborn British brand, has updated the front fascia
on all three Mini models for the coming model year to visually
differentiate them and improve their pedestrian protection
Of special note are the new integrated ducts on the fascias of the
Cooper S and John Cooper Works models, offering a slightly meaner
look to the Mini's cute and cuddly face. The black reflector
headlamps that debuted on the 50th anniversary Camden model are now
available as an option across the board and all of the Mini variants
now have LED lighting at the rear.
Inside, the Minis are now available with a high-resolution screen
within in the oversized central speedometer that can display video
from an iPod or whatever other device that has been plugged in via
the USB port.
On the engine front, updated gas engines were announced several months
ago (base engine up to 122 horsepower, the turbo will now crest 180)
but the diesel engines have been redone as well. Two versions of the
1.6-liter oil-burner will be available, with 90 or 112 horsepower and
159 and 199 pound-feet of torque respectively. Both diesels are more
efficient than before with a rating of 61.9 miles per gallon (U.S.)
and CO2 emissions of just 99 grams per kilometer. For the first time
in 2011, there is also a Mini Cooper D convertible available... but
not in the States.

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