Everyones take on the Mini versus Porsche Hype

versus Porsche thing coming up?
Well the race is over and Joe Rogan is here to tell you all about it.
From AB
**** The race is over, the hype can now officially simmer down... right? Not so much, apparently. Mini has uploaded yet another video from its Porsche challenge event, complete with a guest appearance from Joe Rogan.
Here you'll see each driver give a pre-race interview, followed by the course designer, who gives a kinda-sorta-ridiculous explanation as to why the track was set up in a certain way (hint: it wasn't to favor Porsche).
There are the obligatory cheerleaders rooting for Mini and a suitably buxom flag girl... and finally a full video of the race. Oh, and a congratulatory note from Mini to Porsche, along with an ending that leaves the event open for a sequel. You saw that one coming, didn't you?
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