1996 mustangs - any good?

just wondering if there are some bad years out there of mustangs to avoid, thinking about adding a supercharger to a used mustang.
a 1996 came up for sale, but I heard the cooling was undersized on the 1996 - about 1999 Fox body is no problem
Just wondering how much cash it would take to buy a used stang and put a supercharger on it, what year mustang would be optimum ?
and the HP goes up with years fox body 220 1996 212 1997 212 1998 225 1999 260 (?) 2000 to 2004 260 hp
2005 to 2008 (at least) 300
so if you add to a fox body, you would get about 320 hp, but a lot of low end
and if you add to a 2005 you would get upto 430 hp (about 6 pounds) but it would cost more
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Age old question: how fast do you want to go? How fast do you want to spend?
Undersized for what extended track use? The only cooling problem I had I found out the rad was covered in grime when got it out. (already had bought a 2003 cobra radiator so I put it in anyway)
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If the particular car is in good shape and has been well maintained, go for it. But if you find a '99 and up in the same shape, I'd jump on the '99 and up because it' performance potential is better.
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