2.3 inj pinto engine problem ......

A year ago I bought a nice '92 four banger convertible 90k miles here in
Scotland UK . There was always a smell of crankcase oil in the car while
driving. Today I changed the oil and filter for the first time and found
dangling above the filter a rubber hose that is not terminated at one end
and going nowhere...... I thought I had found the oil smell problem and
looked for wherever it had became detached from..........I could not find
where it might have came off!!!......the rubber hose is about heater hose
diameter and comes out of a "box" attached to the left hand side of the
engine. It goes forward then turns 180 degrees and heads over the top of the
oil filter and then turns upwards......I assume it is some kind of crankcase
vent and would have expected it to connect into the engine air intake
somehow....I have looked at the haynes and chilton workshop manuals and they
are of no help ... anybody know where this hose should go???? jim
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jim stewart
probably a vent, PCV valve hose (?) should go to inside air filter to carb/intake somewhere see what you get if you order a PVC valve, if it fits the hose. (would keep in gasses too)
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the hose must have been cut then just above the oil filter...I will have a look for the PCV valve up at the inlet ... and extend the hose up to it...thanks....jim
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jim stewart
found the PCV valve...the vent hose from the oil separator wasn't cut .........pushed it back on to the PCV..... smell gone... tickover improved.......
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jim stewart

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