3.50 Gears

I've got a 68 Mustang, 289 C-4 with 2.79 gears. I also have a NEW set of
Ford 3.50 gears. My question is, is that too tall of a gear for that car?
Thanks, Dave
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if your rpm to go 70 mph is 2000 then with new gears it would be 2000 * 3.5 / 2.79 = 2,500
highway cruising, dont want to have the engine wound up.
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Depends on the car's future use. Just zipping/cruising around town and occasional drag strip action on Friday night? Nope, 3.50s are a good choice. If you're planning on some longer highway road trips and will cruise around in a relaxed/laid back manner 3.50s may be a bit much. Know that 3.50 gears are considered an "aggressive" street gear. 3.20s/3.30's are a better "all-around" gear. And 3.70s-3.90s are the "street racers" gear. Your 2.79s are "highway gears".
So ask yourself... what will you be doing with your car in the future?
Hope this helps.
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My Mustang has 3.73 gears. It depends on if you want take off or highway cruise. The higher the number the lower the gear ratio.
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On Tue, 5 Jul 2011 19:19:56 -0500, "Dave" wrote:
My A Code 289C4 is running 3.80. I can chirp the tired at a stop light. What is better for me is longer trips (ie Interstate 5). Takes me longer to get up to speed (though you'd hardly notice) but, once there, I can cruise very economically. My last trip I made between 23 and 26mpg and was able to trake it up to about 110 with breathing room left. Around town, if I keep my foot out of it, I can get around 14-16mpg. If I had my preference, I'd drop it down to between 3.25 and 3.50, which is what is recommend for the normal/regular high side of a 289. Another bad point about the 3.80 is that I have a mild improvement CAM setup (one stage above stock, and matched to my Edelbrock Perfomer 4bbl)m and at highway speeds it is LOUD... say what?... I SAID IT'S LOUD... say what crowd? :0) Around town it's not bad though. I am glad it's a posi.
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D E Willson

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