2013 8.8" axle for an '09 v6

I'm contemplating an 8.8" axle, 3.73, T-Loc, GT takeoffs again.
This time more serious than ever. /grin
I see an ad from speedconcepts.net that the 2013 GT takeoff will bolt
right up to my '09. Can anyone verify that? I would swear that I heard
Okay, it needs a cobra pinion flange, but other than that?
Also, will my '09 brake assemblies bolt right up to these axles as well,
or do I need a set of GT brakes? I think my brakes will suit me just
fine for now, so I'd rather not spend more than I need to.
Not that I will actually buy from these guys, but here is the link:
Tiny version:
Except for the price $1099, those look great to me. Low miles (One mile?
Don't know about that) and probably not opened since the factory built
them. I might pay $1100 for piece of mind.
Some I've checked on eBay and Craig's List are half that price but who
knows how many miles are on them, how hard they were driven, or what
might have been done internally?
Thanks in advance.
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