7-Speed Manuals:Coming to a Performance Car Near You

I don't know if you guys have seen, but Porsche is now offering a 7-
speed manual on their new[est] 911. The box offers 6 "sports ratios"
and 7th is an overdrive. Porsche says the extra ratios improve fuel
economy. Anyone want to bet we won't see a 7-speed gearbox in a
Mustang in the near future?
On a similar note, Chrysler will soon offer an 8-speed auto (Lexus is
the only other company I know that offers one) in their LX sedans,
AND, here's the big news, supposedly a 9-speed unit is on the way.
We sure are living in a fast-paced automotive world. It wasn't that
long ago 3-speed autos dominated the market for YEARS, decades
actually. Same with 14-inch and 15-inch tires/wheels. Rear disc
brakes, fuel injection, multi-valve heads IRS were/was racing/high-
tech/exotic stuff. Sure makes you wonder what we'll see in the
decades to come.
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Will it seem so great when they need rebuilding?? I have to wonder how much is driven by marketing versus real need.
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