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Got a new Mustang convertible. This is my first convertible, so I
don't know squat about caring for the top. Do I need to treat it with
anything, perhaps a water proofer from a boat store, or anything? What
general maintenance tips do you all have?
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Joe Granto
I'd sugest reading your owner's guide....
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C. E. White
Convertible tops are way better than they used to be. I agree you should follow whatever Ford says to do, and the best thing you can do for a convertible top is keep the car in a garage when not using it. Depending on where you park it for work -- if you park it for work -- a car cover can extend the life of the top, trim and paint.
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Look into 303 products, which get good props from many:
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Used to was, you would have to go to the boat store or hit them on line, but it looks as if Walmart is in the game, now.
I have no experience with that stuff, as my salesman very kindly provided me with a bottle of Mr Ford's protectant, so the 303 I bought out of a fit of be-preparedness sits on the shelf. And the car has never been out all night or all day unprotected by California Pop Top or Carcraft cover.
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Frank ess

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