Don't expect the 2011 V6 to last very long

Is it true you have to rev it up to 6500 to get full HP and/or torque?
Isn't that people stay away from ricers? So they don't end up having to do
ring jobs every 15k?
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I thought it was the cartoonish look of the cars and being FWD.
Um no. Ricers end up taking their cars apart a lot due to the damage they themselves do with their modifications. Left stock the engines last a good long time.
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How often do you actually use full horsepower and torque? The way the cars are geared, the engine aren't going to rev any more than the V8 for normal everyday driving. I suppose if you try to drive around in first and second all the time you might wear the engine out sooner, but I don't see how this will be a problem for any sane people.
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C. E. White
I'm more of a V8 guy, but this thing is actually pretty cool looking, from what I watched on this youtube video.
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The HP peak is at 6500, but the torque peaks at 4250. No surprise that the HP peak is higher than the torque peak on a modern IC engine.
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Bob Willard
"Jim Warman" wrote in news:VOG1o.9560$Z6.6188 @edtnps82:
One reviewer said this, not me. In addition, he said the suspension was mushy.
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