EcoBoosted Mustang Sales?

As you know by now, an EcoBoost 4-cylinder motor is coming to the
Mustang lineup. With it becoming the new base motor, with 247-250
horses, will it lure in the economy-minded, style-set and/or the tuner
types? 1) Economy minded? If this motor can give the Explorer 28
highway, in a Mustang it should be good for mid 30s. Of course, expect
a few mpg gain in the city too. But will that be enough of a gain over
the already impressive mpg numbers the V6 Mustang gets? Especially,
if Ford tacks on an additional thousand bucks to get the EcoBoost like
they do if you opt for it in the Explorer. 2) The style set? If
you're one of those who likes pretty sheet metal first and rumble and
horsepower second, does it really matter it's a four or six under the
hood? 3) Tuner Types? For those who bow at the 4-cylinder alter,
will a boosted 4-banger under the hood of the Mustang gain their
I am guessing mostly three (3), with a touch of one (1). I think the
boosted four will really appeal to this younger demographic -- those
who LOVE turbos, and drifting --a younger crowd the Mustang has lately
been desperately trying to appeal to. The higher MPG numbers, when
advertised, will also catch the attention of those who prioritize
their choices by MPG.
With this all said, I feel a higher-performance EcoBoost is a MUST!
(The name SVO is a no-brainer.) Something on the order of 350 horses
would be perfect. A motor like that in the Mustang would prove the
car's potential to the tuner crowd, sparking their conversations and
comparisons to many imports choices, like the upcoming Subaru BRZ.
Plus, it wouldn't offend the Mustang faithful, as most were quite fond
of the the original. A car that's not much of a stretch to regard as
the 1980's version of the Boss 302.
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hmmmm... your #3 and the 4 cylinder tuners.... more riced out Mustangs... NOOOOOO!!!!!
I think it would be a tough sell, putting a 4 cyl., lower HP motor in the Mustang and then charging a premium for it. I just don't see people paying extra for an EcoBoost only to get perhaps a bit better MPG in a Mustang, when the 3.7 V6 is available and less money... I mean, you can't even hear the turbos at all on the EcoBoost! LOL!
If anything I think the tuner crowd is going to turn to the Focus ST. Now a 4cyl EcoBoost makes sense there! That should be a very fun little ride!
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John S.

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