F150 700lbs lighter. 1988 Mustang 3400lbs, now 3900lbs, Challenger Wildcat 4500lbs. WHY???

The 1988 Mustang's weight was closer to 3,200. The current one is about 3, 700. Why? Capability and features. The 1988 Mustang didn't have the cha ssis to support the 2015's 430 horsepower or .96 g's of grip. The 1988 als o didn't come with 4-wheel disc brakes, IRS, a stout transmission, and huge stream roller wheels and tires. Add those features to the 1988 Mustang an d you'd quickly have 3,700 pound Mustang.
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Meanwhile, their sheet metal is 2/3 as thick as in 1975. Don't EVER sit on a hood today, it'll crush it!
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