Ford limits 2011 Shelby GT500 to 5500 units

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We've just gotten off the horn with Ford's SVT performance division,
and we've learned that the Blue Oval's hot-rod arm is going to limit
production of the 2011 Shelby GT500 to 5,500 units for this model
year. According to Ford spokesman Henry Platts, the move is not the
result of slow sales, but rather a desire to maintain exclusivity. In
fact, sales of Ford's king of the Mustang range have "exceeded
expectations," with in excess of 3,300 orders already placed.
The 550-horsepower GT500 has not only been performing surprisingly
well in a down economy, it's been going out the door loaded-to-the
sills with options. According to Platts, there have been three times
as many GT500 coupes ordered with the $1995 glass roof option as
compared to the regular Mustang. In the "News That Makes Us
Happy" category comes word that a full 68 percent have been
spec'd out with the $3,495 performance package (includes 19- and
20-inch painted forged alloys, 3.73 limited-slip, tuned suspension,
Gurney flap rear spoiler, etc.), and additionally, 70 percent of all
GT500s have been ordered with the $2,340 electronics package (navi,
dual-zone HVAC and Sirius/HD radio). With the GT500 starting at an
out-the-door price of $49,495 before options, we're guessing that the
GT500 is more than carrying its weight for Dearborn's bottom line.
While Ford is limiting total output of the GT500 to 5,500 units for
2011, Platts says the automaker has no plans to dictate how that
shakes out in the coupe/convertible bodystyle mix.

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Translation: Dealers were no longer able to charge over sticker.
Yeah, because dealers were finally charging in and around and even below sticker for them. Funny how the free market works. Lower price, more sales.
It's stuff like this that makes me think ford just doesn't want to sell cars. It wants to play an internal political game with the stealerships instead. Well I guess I was too slow in deciding what I want... back to 20 grand over sticker surcharges.
I got a way to make exclusive. Don't advertise it at all. No magazine tests... publically drop the model leaving it as a hidden double secret option. That will make it exclusive!
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Perhaps. However I can understand Ford not wanting extra "flagship" GT500s languishing on dealer lots.
Note: My local dealer has three unsold GT500s right now. An '08, 09 and a '10. So if you're looking to score a deal, they're out there.
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I'll wager they are surcharging. Local ford dealer had a KR sit for over a year. They only wanted 106K for it. I walked in there multiple times and looked at one GT500 or another... have a sales droid come up to me, I'd ask if they were still charging over sticker, he'd say yes, I'd leave. I walked into another ford dealership and they said they would sell one at sticker if they had one, but they didn't.
Lately I was reading dealers were selling them as one would expect with deals of about 1600 below sticker being about average. Even the article itself says the cars are moving faster now and with more options. This should be a good thing, not something to react to with production limits.
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