Camaro's War General Responds to GT500

A couple hundred pounds lighter and packing 70 more HP, I can't wait
to see the magazine comparisons tests that show the GT500 handing the
Camaro its ass.
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******Letter From ZL1 and Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser*******
Camaro Nation:
As you know, the blogs lit up with the announcement of the new 650-
horsepower Mustang GT500, and I wanted to give you my perspective on
the latest challenge from Dearborn.
The Mustang has been playing catch up since the moment the fifth-gen
Camaro arrived in 2009. Since then, Camaro has been the best-selling
sports car in America, indicating that consumers know which car offers
the best performance, style and safety.
It is no coincidence that Mustang has introduced three 100-horsepower
increases to keep pace with Camaro: First their V-6 was bumped to 305;
then their V-8 went to 412, and now the GT500.
Even with the 100-hp increase, the 2013 GT500 will still not match the
technology and sophistication of the 2012 Camaro ZL1.
The days of =93no replacement for displacement,=94 are over, and it=92s not
enough to be fast in a straight line. With the Camaro ZL1, we set out
to deliver integrated performance, and be equally good at
acceleration, braking, grip, and turning. As you will soon see, that=92s
why the Camaro ZL1 will set the performance benchmark for the segment.
Our approach was to make every Camaro ZL1 fully track-capable, from
the factory. As we announced today, the ZL1 Coupe will start at
$54,995 with standard Magnetic Ride Control, standard Performance
Traction Management, and standard track-capable equipment such as a
rear-differential cooler, brake cooling ducts, and an engine and
transmission cooler.
None of our customers will have to buy extra options =96 or modify their
ZL1 =96 for track-day usage. That is not the case for the current GT500,
or their new car.
For Mustang fans, you=92re welcome. Clearly the Camaro has encouraged
Ford to throw everything they can at us.
For Camaro fans, trust me, we are always listening to your feedback,
and working hard to keep the Camaro in the lead.
Al O.
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