"Found" GT350?

The tube is showing this "1966 Shelby GT350, one of only 350 made"
that a guy found in a barn he was going to tear down. The talking
head(less) said there was no traceable owner that the guy would
apparently keep the car on the basis of "abandoned property", which
isn't exactly the same, from what my lawyer tells me (hey, she's on
retainer, might as well get my money's worth), as "lost property."
Anyone see this? Thursday. I don't normally watch CNN or Fox or
whomever, but this was after the latest earthquake in Japan.
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Bob Harwood says:
April 4, 2011 at 1:18 pm
I have read a lot on the ?net about this car and wanted to correct some ?inaccurate ? information about it. I?ve known this car since it first appeared on the streets of Lawrence Kansas around 1973. 38 years. I tried to buy it from Gail, the owner many times. The most recent being a little over a year ago when I offered her $60,000 for it . It WAS NOT SITTING IN OR BEHIND A SHED ? EVER! It was sitting in a dry, safe one car garage on the ground level of the office building the owner of the car owned along with her dad. A friend of mine had the office accross from hers upstairs. IT WAS NOT COVERED WITH AN ? unimaginable amount of junk.? as I have read, although it did have some things sitting on it. This was her daily driver for years. I had a 68 Shelby G.T. 500 and a half dozen BOSS 302 Mustangs at the time. I was a member of SAAC for 10 years. I could never get her to hook up in a street race. To my knowledge and everything I heard through the years, she never drove it hard. Her boyfriend at the time had a 69/70 Shelby 500. The car has always had Florida plates on it. I asked her why once , but don?t remember her answer from so many years ago. The car has spent it?s entire life in Lawrence except for an occasional trip to Florida. It was never abused and it is REAL! She said she would never sell it and she was right. Sad.
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