Indian Supercar with Ford Power?

nice looking,
hope the steel is double wall, the old french Citroen was not
HP would be about 200?
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If it's rated the same as the EcoBoost in the Focus ST it would be about 250HP/240TQ... with a very nice flat, broad torque curve...
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John S.
I hope they build better cars than they provide technical support! LOL
Nice lines, but I wish it were American made. Yeah... I know. Most of our stuff is made elsewhere. I'd just like to see our country making a comeback.
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D E Willson
Thus spake D E Willson :
I'm sure it will be built by "Roger", "Charles" and "James". With help from "Lynn" and "Marain". Who will be talking about the Super Bowl for the next two weeks.
Not entirely to my likeing, but neither is the Veyron.
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Dillon Pyron

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