Interesting Data On Mustang Theft

My Mustang is as safe as it can be and be for a daily driver.
The stats you present are good, however, there are many factors regarding why a car is stolen. It's not just which car is the favorite in a particular year's thefts. It also comes down to things like what is easiest, what is handiest, what overseas buyers want (a good portion of stolens go out of the country).
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More to do with "them" moving on to silver low-end Acuras.
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And V6 Accords for the "swap into a Civic" market. An operation like that (stealing low end Acuras and V6 Accords) was busted a couple of years ago. They were selling engines and the associated components for top dollar and the rest was going to "traditional" chop shops.
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No statistics on hand and too lazy to look them up.
What are the ratios of Stangs sold vs total sales and between Stangs stolen and total thefts? That tells you how rich a target a car is. Toss in model stolen vs total cars stolen. For 2011 (the only year with sufficient numbers to make a guess) we have at least 4.3% of all 2011 Mustangs stolen. BUT, is that 2011 Mustangs or all of the Mustangs ever made? Too many unstated variables.
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