Is possible...?

Buy a mustang in America and translate to sPAin?
Is very expensive?
i looking for a this car for the year 90
The price in europe is most expensive than America, more expensive
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Yes, but there may be laws there about what you can and can not import and what has to be done to it for safety regulations.
That's relative, to me when I price importing a car from Australia it was expensive.
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Thus spake "WindsorFox" :
I found it interesting a while back that some US requirements don't exist in Europe and some European requirements are done in the US. And emissions are crazy since each measures things differently and have different goals and objectives.
But he says 1990, so there might be some grandfather clauses. I might only have to meet 1990 specs. Or maybe it has to perform as a 2011 model. (choke, chortle)
Yeah. As soon as the car rolls on to the ship, you're already in a couple of grand. And this is before you tell the shipping company where you're going with it.
> >> i looking for a this car for the year 90 >> The price in europe is most expensive than America, more expensive >>
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Dillon Pyron
I figure it depends on EU law these days. Spain may have additional requirements. I am not sure if the EU has an antique exemption. In the USA we can import a car over 25 years old without most of the hassle that makes importing cars impossible here. Since it is a 1990 model it would be best to check, if the cut off is 20 years that would be great, but you probably won't be that lucky.
For regular cars EU requirements involve changing the car's lighting to meet EU specs. This means you'll need to find a way to fit ECE headlamps and amber turn signals. But I do believe that 1990 Mustangs or some other year fox mustang had amber turn signals which would make that part easy. Side turn signal repeaters would also need to be installed. Those wouldn't be difficult. The big problem will be head lamps.
That's about everything I know on the subject.
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On one of the Mustang message sites there was a fellow writing questions from España, a year or so ago. Seems to me had a 2006 GT. Someone out there knows how to get a Mustang to Iberia.
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Frank ess
We have the same kinds of problems between the states. California emission standards are stricter than many other states. On top of that, there are vehicle codes restricting modifications to vehicles. For example, how high or low a bumper is permitted. Headlight restrictions. Taillight restrictions. Just as the guys at Mustangs Plus where a Mustang brought into the state, which met US smog (which was the same for all states for that model year), and California demanded that they show proof the car met the CA standards or remove the car from the state. They just would not accept that the same smog equipment existed on all Mustangs of that year model in all the states.
It's crazy!
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D E Willson

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