Normally Red, but beware nowadays it can be more then just color.
Current fluids types
* ATF+4 - Most Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler * Mercon V - Most Ford, Mercury, Lincoln * Mercon LV - Some Ford(DuratecHE),MAZDA in Europe or Asia * Dexron VI - Most GM products, some Ford applications * ATF-Z1 (Being phased out as of 2011) - All Honda and Acura (except CVT) * ATF DW-1 - All Honda and Acura (except CVT) * SP-III - All Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Kia (except CVT and dual clutch)
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OK thanks it is just that the mustang top motor I got posted from the states had "clear" fluid in it and there was some confusion as to what to fill the system wirh when I installed it here in the UK ....I went for DEX 2 ATF which is red.......seems to be working OK.......
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em.......convertible soft top motor '92 car motor burnt out said dex 2 ATF on it the 80's one I got replace it said "white" fluid and did have white fluid in it....... ???????......
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Jim GM4DHJ/M ...
Oh. LOL. Yeah ATF should work as a replacement hydraulic oil for that. It did on a 1969 XL for me.
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