Mustang Police cars

I own 1988 Mustang GT and 2010 Crown Victoria Interceptor.
In the 80's and 90's Ford made some Mustang fox bodies that were used as police cars. Does anyone have an ex cop car Mustang 5.0?
Do you guys know if Ford currently makes Mustang police cars? What other years did they make them as popo cars?
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I had an 88 ex-cop car I bought at auction. Notch LX 5.0 5-speed canyon red. A very very nice car. And very fast. It's hard to find any stoplight competition anymore but I did get in a good run against a corvette, probably a mid to late 90's vette. Beat him handily. Even so, my 88 is (was, it got wrecked) way outmatched by my 99GT. The metal drivers side seat shell in the 88 was all busted up, cracked and broken spot welds, from the fat assed detectives who drove it for it's first 88,000 miles. Some welding took care of that. It was an undercover car so never had any decals or holes drilled in the body. Wish I still had it.. I liked it better then the 99.
I had a 2005 Crown Vic P71 Interceptor at work. It was a real nice car but not as gutsy as the 1995 caprice 9C1 I had before it. The seats in the Vic were much more comfortable though.
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