NoOp's New 5.0 Hits The Dyno

I know the blogs are full of dyno numbers, but I wanted to share mine
Bone-stock, 2011, Coyote 5.0, 6-speed manual, 3.73s
Max Power = 382.6
Max Torque = 370.9
Way down low = 2,000 rpms
Power = 108
Torque = 277
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OBTW-- These numbers equate to, figuring with 15% drive-line loss, of:
HP=3D439 TQ=3D425
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Thus spake NoOp :
Where at? Launch and shift points are kind of important, at least to me. But this is good news.
> >Way down low = 2,000 rpms > >Power = 108 >Torque = 277 > >Patrick
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Dillon Pyron

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