The 302 engines - digging way back in my brain cells

I remember the first Camaro Z28 in 1969 was a 302, and that was the limit
for (I think) Trans Am racing. Many other 302s followed including the
new Boss
302 Mustang.
Then there's the 5.0 badge that's been on Mustangs for many years.
The question for today is:
Since 5 liters = 305 cu. in., is the 5.0 Mustang a 302 or a 305?
Only a ..... would ask this
Dick in MN
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Ford has always used 5.0L for the 302 v8, they used 4.9L for the 300 6 cyl
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Dick, the previous 5.0 was actually a 4.9. The current 5.0 is a true 5.0 with 302 cubes.
305.117 = 5.0 L, using 2.54 centimetres or (1 centimetre ? 0.3937 international inches.)
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and doing the math. The 302 is 4.949L to about three decimal places. I used 2.54 but 2.5400050800101600203200406400813 is more precise. The real answer is using the bore and stroke figures with and cid = pi * (bore/2)^2 * stroke using inches.
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George Jetson

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