towing maximum for F150 lariat

I am thinking of buying a 2007 F150 Larriat, but, the current one-
owner doesn't have the original brochure and doesn't know what the
towing max is for that vehicle. How can I find out? This vehicle
was $45,000 new, and is in very good shape with only 40k miles.
I need to know what the max tow weight is because I'll be looking for
a travel trailer to pull behind it, and, I need to know my limits.
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In article ,
As I am sort of looking for a pickup, you got my curiosity going. Towing capacity seems to be 10,500 lbs.
10,500 pounds "when properly equipped". Whatever that means. /grin
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Meaning depended on equipment. My Titan had a certain tow rating, more with a towing package. I miss it already...
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Thus spake David :
Which is far more useful than a "man, this is THE truck for you" brochure. The brochure will give you a max towing weight, with a little * that says "depending on option and other factors"
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Dillon Pyron

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