Toyota drivers to blame

Shades of the Audi 5000 24 years ago. A core group of IDIOT drivers caused
a wild acceleration problem that almost killed the car maker. Sad that a
great company has to suffer because of worthless, clueless drivers.
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That's not the full truth. The full truth is that while they could not find an electronic problem there was still the problem of the sticky accelerator mechanism as well as the pedal getting trapped under aftermarket floor mats. It's hardly a clean win for Toyota.
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Ashton Crusher
Thus spake Ashton Crusher :
Yeah, but (small but, much like I wish mine was) the Civic had a similar floor mat problem. In 96. the difference was that Honda jumped on the problem and informed NHTSA and issued the recall voluntarily within months of the discovery.
And that was in 96. One might suspect that the problem would have been avoided eleven years later.
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Dillon Pyron

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