V6 Wars

GM just upped the ante.
Chevrolet is revving up the power on the 2012 Camaro with a new, more
efficient version of its 3.6-liter direct-injection V-6 engine,
General Motors Co. said today.
The new engine delivers 323 horsepower -- about 11 horsepower more
than its 2011 predecessor -- and will be also available on the 45th
anniversary special edition Camaro going on sale this year.
The more powerful V-6, known as the LFX, gets an EPA-estimated 30
miles per gallon highway, Chevrolet said.
"The enhancements for 2012 will deliver reduced engine weight and
lower emissions -- along with the greater power that Camaro drivers
will certainly appreciate," Ameer Haider, assistant chief engineer for
V-6 engines, said in a statement.
Got to wonder how Ford will counter this.
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Suzanne McKenzie
how are you going to lower emissions ??? By lowering acceleration rate, it is the only way.
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