Very Good Commentary on New ZL1

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I've never cared for a "winners" or "losers" aspect to an auto comparison article. Even the decades-long rivalry between the Camaro and Mustang don't call for that, since they're two very different cars. Yes, built to compete head-on, but two very different cars.
Just tell me the pros and cons of both, and I'll decide which one is the "winner." (And, obviously, in my case, it'll always be the Ford.)
((Speaking of which, why is my Ford stock in the toilet?))
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I agree pros and cons are most important. But I don't mind winner and loser. It's certainly MUCH better than the indecisive 'there are no winners or losers in this comparison' -- to that I say BS. One of the cars did more things, that your magazine values, better than the other cars.
I don't know. But as long as Ford keeps their present chairman I would keep it.
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