FS: SPARE WHEEL+TIRE, NEW $24, from Nissan 15"model, fits other

Posted on Ebay, item# 7991538770. Goto
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and enter "7991538770"
(without quotation marks) into search window (or item#, etc.); BUY NOW
OPTION is AVAILABLE, i.e. NO need to wait for Auction end - buynow set to
$25. Please read descr. there, but a few facts I mention here:
NEW from factory, NEVER been used. Compact type, includes trunk-mounting
bracket; I believe should fit any 4-bolt patterend vehicles but for your
info: it's from a 2004 NissanSentra i.e. I guarantee any Nissan sedan
(Sentra, Altima, Maxima) but wouldn't say anything regarding other makes,
even though common sense tells me a 4-bolt wheels must be useful for any car
with such pattern. It's a standard compact spare akak "donut".
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trading without any complains.
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