North America Nissan Altima production HALTED due to Hitachi

From AB
Hitachi Automotive supplies engine control units to Nissan. Further up
the chain, an unnamed supplier hasn't been able to fulfill Hitachi's
need for a custom integrated circuit, so Hitachi hasn't been able to
fulfill Nissan's orders for ECUs. That has put Nissan in the
potential position of needing to halt Altima and Sentra production
for three days, July 14-16, at factories in Tennessee and Mexico.
The Altima and Sentra would take the fall first as they're Nissan's
volume models. Hitachi's delay has already interrupted production in
Japan, but thus far the issue has only involved 15,000 units. A U.S.
and Mexico plant stoppage of two company staples would bite more
deeply into Nissan's combined 1.2-million-unit production capacity.
It's suspected that Subaru and perhaps Honda are also affected by the
ECU delay.
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