2005 Vibe Keyless Entry Problem

I have a 2005 Vibe base model with the "Keyless Entry" system. When I
picked up the car today it worked fine at the dealer. The locks unlocked
at 30 feet but after I drove the car home neither of the two key fobs
would work. Thought the problem might be due to the fact that the person
showing me the car's features opened and closed the rear hatch. After I
opened and closed the rear hatch the key fobs now locked and unlocked
the car. Went out this evening and the key fob opened and locked the
doors once. Then I went to unlock the car and the doors did not unlock.
Unlocked the doors with the key and drove to a second location. the key
fob locked the doors. Came beck later and the fob would not unlock the
doors. When I returned home the fob did not work but about 20 minutes
later I tried the fob a second time and now the doors would lock and
unlock. I am going back to the dealer but thought there might be
something I am missing in the logic used to control the keyless entry
system. Would appreciate any thoughts.
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Mine doews the same every so often, but thats do to a dieing battery
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