Please help ETS/Engine light

Hi Group,
I am hoping one of you may be able to help me...
I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand AM se 4 cylinder.. Up until today I have had not
one problem with the car and when I started the car up today the Engine
Light came on and the ETS light was off and no matter how many times I hit
the ETS button it would not kick in. So right away I checked all the fluids
and all was well and my next step was taking it in to the dealer who wanted
an arm and a leg. So what I did was take it to Speedy the guys there were
great and found that a sensor located I guess under the heat shielding of
the manifold had to be replaced according to the computer and the error
code. Will this fix the engine light problem and the ETS problem? What the
guys told me was I could take the car today if I wanted because they need to
change this sensor when the car is cold and not hot or warm. So what I said
was just keep the car overnight because the time I get there it will be
about 3-4 hrs before it cools down and you can change it.
My question for you is this.. It is funny how the ets would not work and
that the engine light had came one so this leads me to believe this is not a
major problem and has something to do with a sensor or two. The car has
130,000KM on it and has never had any problem until today. Are these guys
going the right direction? One more thing is ets related to the ABS computer
and would this be somthing you would look at?
Any feedback would be great and I thank you all.
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The engine light can come on for some very minor reasons indeed, as well as for more serious issues. For example, my Fiero's engine light came on when the engine fan turned on (which wasn't very often, the big 3800 water pump pushed fluids through the little car's long cooling system no worries).
Admittedly it also came on when the car came to rest after hitting a power pole...
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Nick Trounson

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