2010 Car door lock kaput ???

Have to manually lock and unlock my right front passenger doo from
insider. FOB won't work, neither will internal unlock. Sounds kaput?
My 2010 Prius last week began behaving unusually when remotely
unlocking door AND when just manually opening the driver's side door
with fob in pocket.
Car will LOUDLY beep six times AND EVERY door except the front
passenger door unlocks.
And right passenger door remains unlocked when locking car with fob
externally. Same when you are in the car, passenger door will not
change state.
And when put in drive or when put in reverse, passenger door wil not
Soooo, I'm guessing the right passenger door is fubar, right?
No super secret combination of activities to "reset" ???
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You do know the door locks are mechanical, right?
The super secret combination to reset involves taking the door panel off and replacing the solenoid activator that moves the physical door lock mechanism, or maybe re-connecting the physical connections between the solenoid activator and the physical door lock mechanism.
There. There's your super-secret combination.
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Elmo P. Shagnasty

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